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About Sprinkler Valves and Filters

Valves are the unsung heroes of the sprinkler system. They play an integral part in sprinkler systems, but are often unseen and forgotten. Here at PlumbersStock we offer hundreds of sprinkler valves and filters to choose from so it is important to understand the uses of the different types. Our valves are split into various categories:

What Is a Sprinkler Valve?

The sprinkler valve's function is to control and regulate the amount of water distributed. This can be a central valve with only one control or it can control many zones. They are used to regulate the amount of water your lawn receives, but it also very useful in an emergency. If you find yourself in need of turning off your sprinklers in a hurry, you will want to go straight to the sprinkling valve. This is also very useful when preparing your home for winter, often known as winterizing your sprinkler system. Valves make this task easier. If water is left on during winter it can freeze and expand. This can cause extensive damage to your pipes and the parts connected to it.

Anti-Siphon Valves

Installed in most systems, anti-siphon sprinkler valves allow for easy access for maintenance or if you need to shut off your water flow. These valves come with a backflow prevention that is built-into the device. The main purpose of the backflow prevention is to stop any water that may be contaminated from entering back into the water system used for drinking water. This helps to keep your drinking water clean and safe from any outside contaminants. Although the anti-siphon sprinkler control valves come with built-in backflow prevention, some local laws and legislation might require extra protection. Consult your local regulation guide before installing a new system to ensure you meet requirements. These valves can be either manual or electric. The electric versions are great for those who are busy and do not have time to regulate the watering processes.

Anti-siphon valves are most commonly made up of PVC pipe, but also come in brass or bronze varieties. The brass and bronze varieties are going to have a higher initial cost, but tend to last much longer than PVC pipe, which could save you money in the long run.

In-Line Valves

In-line sprinkler control valves are installed below the ground which allows for them to be located in any place in your yard without unsightly sprinkler valve parts poking up through the lawn. This also provides for greater safety as you do not have to worry about tripping over the valves or hitting them with the lawn mower. In-line valves also do not have a built in back flow preventer like the anti-siphon valves do. They are often used with a separate backflow preventer, but it does not come with the part itself.

An in-line sprinkler control valve can be either manual electric, much like the anti-siphon valve. They too are most commonly made from PVC pipe, but can be found in both brass and bronze varieties as well. Valve boxes are often used with in-line valves to create an extra protection from harm.

Sprinkler Filters

Various kinds of filters are designed to keep your sprinkler lines clean of dirt and debris. You can purchase kits where the valve and filter come in one assembly. Valves control the flow of water, but the filters are instrumental in keeping the flow of water at its optimal level.


The valves and filters found here are made by quality manufacturers. These are the best the industry has to offer in sprinkler system parts: Irritrol, Toro, Rain Bird, K-Rain, Orbit, and more.

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Valves can make a big difference in any sprinkling system and PlumbersStock is dedicated to providing you with great products. Browse through our inventory to find the best sprinkler valves and parts available. If you are having trouble with your project, or selecting the best sprinkler valve part, please contact one of our customer service professionals for help with your lawn & garden.

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